It remains among the top open-source solutions for browser-based and cross-platform regression testing. As a free automation testing library, Selenium brings testers the opportunity to create test scripts in whatever way they want. Selenium also supports automated test scripts that cycle through data sets and data-driven tests. The specifics of the product governed by stakeholders’ needs make a cornerstone for choosing the right regression testing strategy.

regression averse testing

The role of test teams can be compared to that of a quality assurance department in a business or an industry. And while assuring the standards of the software product, test strategy plays a key role. It consists of the set of rules and regulations that the project needs to clear throughout the SDLC, especially testing. The test strategy document presents a bright vision of what the test team will do for the entire project.


Regardless of the methodology they follow (waterfall or Agile), product teams can choose certain optimization approaches. Full regression testing can also be specifically required by the customer when he or she wishes to be completely sure about the product stability and its ability to satisfy their needs. A software regression is a defect that appears after a certain event (for example, a software patch or upgrade). Regression testing ensures that recent changes to the code leave the rest of the code intact, thereby preventing software regression. The test strategy document is accountable for consistency in the process of testing. It is a pretty rigid document but has an enormous scope of flexibility at the microscopic level.

  • Therefore, the more your organization invests in planning and performing regression testing, the more control you will have over the budget, process, and error mitigation of your product.
  • J) Embrace the power of modern SAP User Experience techniques, such as My Home, Space and Pages, Collaboration, Digital Assistants, Mobile Start, and more.
  • In such organizations, the horizon of risk analysis is much more than that of software testing.
  • This practice is to double-check on whether the current code functions fine, and whether we can reuse the existing test cases or not.
  • The point is not the form of the test basis, but that there is a specific test basis for the release that is analysed to form a set of tests.

I) SAP Fiori represents the future of the SAP User Experience, poised to supersede WebGUI. Therefore, always prioritize the use of SAP Fiori apps over WebGUI apps whenever possible to stay ahead of the curve. Let your transaction codes (T-Codes) become relics of the past and fully embrace the innovative capabilities of SAP Fiori for a more efficient and user-friendly experience. In this blog, I embark on an exciting journey that I personally experienced — the transition from being an SAP ERP – SAP S/4HANA on-premise practitioner to an SAP S/4HANA Cloud public edition practitioner.

How to Create a Killer Test Strategy Document

Both are critical components of the Quality Assurance process since they aid in communicating the breadth of the test method and ensuring test coverage while increasing the testing effort’s efficiency. When a team plans software testing, including the potential risks within the software project is essential. The procedure to detect such risks is explained earlier in ‘The Identification Phase’ section of this analytical test strategy tutorial. A large percentage of risk-based testing techniques execute a combination of methods to leverage the risk level for deciding the sequence or priority of the tests. Through this process, the testing team verifies that a large percentage of defects are detected during the process of test execution and that a majority of the necessary parts of the product are included. In the product development life cycle, you can perform such mitigation before the subsequent phases.

regression averse testing

The resources of the organization draft checklists for their usage, and the testing team can capitalize on them. Sometimes, the team performs risk identification and risk classification at the same time. Q) It is imperative to stay abreast of ongoing regression averse testing changes in scope and emerging innovations to enhance system productivity and business outcomes. Our constant endeavor is to improve upon what we already have, and staying updated with these shifts is crucial in our pursuit of excellence.

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What if a recent change or bugfix causes the shopping cart to misbehave? That would be no fun at all, especially if the issue has to do with money. In our first example, we’ll create a test that verifies that the shopping cart’s total value is displayed correctly after adding a single product to it. If you want just to read the examples, you can skip this section entirely.

regression averse testing

This includes identifying and evaluating risks regarding the quality of the products. When you perform test designing, test implementation, and test execution, you mitigate the risks by following the test plan. While Product A is undergoing development, a few of these customers help the organization to identify the defects.

ISTQB Advanced Level Test Manager Study Material

You might find yourself spending all your time running tests that aren’t important, or lose the confidence of stakeholders – both of which effectively invalidate your results. Once the team agrees on which changes should be examined, they can select the tests that need to be performed. Generally, testing teams have a range of test suites ready to be executed, but they only have to execute only the relevant ones in each regression testing session. Defining priorities heightens in importance when the size of the codebase is bigger. The number of tests and time they take to complete could take up to months or an entire sprint.

This is the new way to differentiate business practices and excel in the contemporary system. D) The traditional Implementation Guide, often referred to as “IMG” or by its transaction code “SPRO,” is not used to configure the system. Instead, you will encounter the new SAP Central Business Configuration. This is the primary structure used to manage and modify system settings, according to the specific requirements of business operations. If you have any doubts or reservations, your transition to the cloud will likely stall.

Testing Tools

In our examples, we’ll use Automate, a test automation tool by Testim. That’s why you need Google Chrome—though you might be able to use other browsers based on Chromium, such as Opera or the more recent Edge. Well, while the previous post was mainly about definitions—and we do recommend you check it out—we’ll offer a short version here nonetheless. If you’ve been an engineer for a while, you’re probably somewhat familiar with the situation of fixing a bug only to see an old one return. Well this one is the worst for me, particularly as I work for a software testing company.

If a script didn’t fit in the timeout, it was automatically marked as failed. As a result, the same script was run again and again until it passed, and random bugs did appear at a certain point. Manual regression testing proves to be efficient at the early stages of the product delivery process. For a product we worked on, an iOS image processing app, manual regression testing helped detect several bugs hampering the app UX. The app failed to render images correctly and crashed when the user changed screen orientation. Shift-Left testing approach is among the most pertinent ambassadors of this saying.

Software Testing Strategies and Approaches

Time-based test execution allows teams to have greater quality control over the constant changes of their application. Having test environments at hand at all times is important for frequent regression testing. As new code are being developed constantly, environments need to be stable and ready-to-test to not interfere with the planned testing schedule. In additional, poor environment setup can give tests more reason to fail, missed defects and false positive/negatives. Given its repetitive nature, teams and companies have standardized the process with automation testing.


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